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About Us

WBYI is a community led Charity established in 1991 that supports young people to develop personal and social skills during their transition into adulthood. 

WBYI has specialised in providing education and employment support which is easily accessed by young British Pakistani Muslim men and this has been achieved through drop in facilities, informal relationships and discrete projects. 

WBYI staff and volunteers are themselves from the local community and many of those supported have come back to work for WBYI. This provides a unique understanding of the needs of the community, in particular, the lived experience of growing up in Bradford with complex interactions between gender, faith and ethnicity.

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WBYI has vast local knowledge, offers flexible approaches and is respected within the community. 

  • Trustees, project workers and volunteers  are well known in the BD5 area and this provides a unique opportunity to influence attitudes and change behaviour.
  • West Bowling Youth Initiative’s strength is in being part of the community building acceptance, trust and credibility with local residents and young people.
  • WBYI has excellent relationships with the council, businesses and many community organisations. 

Some of the key components that have worked at WBYI over 30 years:

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  • Drop-in facility in neutral ‘anchor’ organisation or venue
  • Activities to ‘hook’ interest (sport, art, local interest, education, family)
  • Informal  exploration of  community and  personal need, personal support and guidance
  • Community first  –  focus on local knowledge  and support to personal needs 


  • Discussion and debate – being part of decisions about what can be enjoyed and achieved together
  • Internal  community  relationships  – getting to know others, understanding identity
  • Issue based debate – e.g. Jobs, health, environment,  safety, youth issues
  • Taking responsibility – volunteering and achieving, work experience, job readiness
  • Shadowing leaders and workers – attending meetings and advocating for young people
  • Residential  –  outdoors projects  and  sport & leisure  development 
  • Option of accredited training including Level 2  in food  safety, working with Young People
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west bowling youth initiative (4)


  • Story telling and advocacy
  • Working with Young People training course e.g. Young Lives Level 2 qualification
  • Ambassador roles  – recruitment and placements
  • Leading activity for next cohort e.g. facilitating peer engagement; activities for children kids club