Recreation & Leisure Facility

WBYI recognises the importance of leisure and recreational activities to engage and develop skills and positive outcomes of children and young people. WBYI provides gym fitness sessions; football, cricket and outdoor games and recognise the value of informal sport and leisure activities as hooks to initiate positive work with children and young people.

WBYI acknowledges many key outcomes are gained from young people’s involvement in team and group work activities. This includes building positive relationships, increasing confidence and resilience, and wider unplanned outcomes. Recreation is also a route for Young volunteers to get involved at WBYI and support the development of community capacity and local ownership. Sport and leisure also raises young volunteers’ profiles through community led activity that engages more numbers of local people to take part in recreation activity. This in turn increases people’s confidence and positive engagement leading to positive health and community development outcomes through regular physical activity.

Unemployed young people supported through our Talent match programme

Hours of volunteering completed by 19 junior volunteers in 2017

Children attended summer family fun days @ WBYI

Young people supported into employment