west bowling youth initiative (13)

Sports & Leisure

WBYI activities are based in  two local sports hubs  in West Bowling. The facilities  offer and enable young people to take part in community programmes and various sports activities throughout the year.  WBYI runs children’s and young peoples activities at Parkside sports centre throughout  winter and spring. WBYI  utilises Bowling Old Lane cricket club engaging  children to take part in  outdoor sports and games on the large green space at Birch Lane.  WBYI works with other partners and local groups and improve health outcomes  by engaging children and young people in informal games and team sports.

Since 1991, WBYI Trustees and project workers have taken soft ownership of sport related buildings and have unparalleled levels of trust in running community sports activities in the West Bowling  area.   There are important benefits from sport and leisure for children and young people and by taking part in leisure activities, children and young people learn to adapt to team goals, learn discipline and working with others,  build communication skills as well as improving personal resilience. These are life skills that will  support young people in later life  to cope with academic challenges, new experiences in the world of work and  the move into adulthood.  

WBYI programmes support young people to connect to local sports club as part of the young peoples journey.   WBYI enables young people to gain skills development through sport and use as stepping stones for long term goals in personal development and education or employment.   WBYI sport coaches and volunteers are often seen and act as mentors in areas of sports coaching and sports management.