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  • Community Arts Projects

    Community Arts Projects

    The Creative Place Programme A new Arts and culture programme that engages local people to set up their own arts and cultural projects. The aim of our Creative Place Partner Programme (CPP Programme) is to broaden and strengthen Bradford’s creative ecology. WBYI Creative Minds project This will make it easier for communities, organisations and artists…

  • Sports & Leisure

    Sports & Leisure

    WBYI activities are based in  two local sports hubs  in West Bowling. The facilities  offer and enable young people to take part in community programmes and various sports activities throughout the year.  WBYI runs children’s and young peoples activities at Parkside sports centre throughout  winter and spring. WBYI  utilises Bowling Old Lane cricket club engaging …

  • Community Health (Wellbeing)

    Community Health (Wellbeing)

    Willow café     The café provides meals for disadvantaged children through the Holiday activity & Food programme during, usually at school holidays.    We also provide warm snacks at the weekly kids club  and during the summer cricket teas and snacks during. The kitchen also supports young people to learn and develop cook on a budget skills. …